Barbara Haile

September 2016

I made the decision to try hypnosis for weight loss and looked at all the websites for the DFW area. Many of them were incredibly expensive and required endless hypnosis visits. Then l found Hypnosis Fort Worth. John Cleesattle is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. My daughter decided that she wanted to try hypnosis too, so we called and were pleased that every effort was made to work around our schedule. The first appointment was more than l ever expected. John Cleesattle didn’t just hypnotize us, he helped us get to the root of the problem for why we were overeating. It was amazing. A week later we had a follow up appointment where we were hypnotized a second time and anything that wasn’t working was tweaked and corrected. We were also taught self-hypnosis to take care of any unforeseen issues that developed after our visit. Both my daughter and l have steadily lost weight, are free from cravings, and look forward to exercising every day. If you need help losing weight, this is the place!


Thank you very much for being so good at what you do. I don’t feel so hopeless anymore. Thank you. – SueAnn

Thank you John, for enabling me to leave my house without being afraid, I feel you have given me my life back. – Mary T

Thanks to you John, I haven’t had a cigarette in over three weeks, and I haven’t had a single craving!!! You ROCK! – Jeff S

John, thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety and panic attacks. My life is so much better now! – Becky L

Sent: Friday, November 05, 2010 1:32 PM
To: John Cleesattel
Subject: Hi John,
Hope you’re doing well.
This has been so fabulous for me. Then I didn’t have smoking clients for awhile, so I started winging it again and failed…lol. Enough proof for me. Every time I use your stop smoking intervention, it works perfectly.
Thanks again for it.

Wow, I get it! I get trance!
I just spent nearly all day learning and absorbing how and why trance and hypnosis works with the help of John Cleesattel. I mean the real stuff. This info is a hypnosis game changer!

It started with me thinking I needed to quit pursuing hypnosis. That maybe it wasn’t meant to be, and maybe something else was better for me to get into. Last night I got a phone call from John Cleesattel, after a chat where I mentioned that I was considering putting hypnosis aside. He tried to explain his work to me. I was extremely resistant to his findings of some study he did about trance. But all last night I thought and thought about it and this morning I bought and downloaded his book, The Nature of Trance, at www.wizardoftrance.com. I read it and was blown away. I had to run to town, so I ate lunch at a restaurant and read it again. Once home, I had some questions so I contacted John who called me and generously answered all my questions. This guy is brilliant. This work is brilliant. This is science. This changes my entire viewpoint of trance and the way I will do hypnosis.
Give me time to absorb all this, but it looks like I am back in the flow of hypnosis. Hm…still thinking.

Just wanted to let you know that I bought your book and I really enjoyed it. I’m an analytical person myself and have had a lot of difficulty being hypnotized. Your method really made sense and your breakdown of the hypnotic process was fantastic..
Take Care
David Parke CHt Green Valley Hypnosis