Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Are cigarettes controlling your life?

Are you tired of the expense, the hassle, the mess, the damage, the stink, being the negative role model, being banished to the outside…etc.

You have probably tried every method of quitting in the book (and a few that weren’t).

You might be here looking at this because it is the last step in desperation before trying something like voodoo.

Something’s got to give…doesn’t it.

The time when you wanted to be a smoker has gone by…yet here you are…still puffing away and hating it.

You have known many others who quit smoking, using this method or that.

It worked great for them, but it didn’t do diddly squat for you…did it.

Other than to put you through that withdrawal hell…one more time…while adding a few more pounds.

So you need a solution… A solution that makes sense…sure…but a solution that will be effective…for you!

So here you are…and the big question in your mind is:
“Yeah, so hypnosis has worked for others to quit…but will it work for me?”

Since this is Missouri… the SHOW ME State… I will ask you to bring your biggest cigarette craving with you to your very first visit with us, so please don’t smoke for at least 4 hours before you arrive at our office.

Then, within the first minute of you entering our office, I will remove that craving so you don’t want a cigarette…AT ALL!  How’s that for Show Me?

When I do that…there should be little doubt remaining in your mind about how effective this method will be for you…

And if for some reason we can’t remove that craving?… then without wasting any more of your time or any money, you can just turn around and leave and go buy patches or try something else.


Your smoking behavior is what is called a “triggered” activity.

We, as a species, learn through repetition; and you have learned to automatically light up without thinking about it when you encounter an activity in which you normally always smoke.

This is just like we automatically react with everything else after we “get the hang of it”, “learn the ropes”, “become accustomed to it”, “put it on automatic”, etc. We are able to do these things automatically without the involvement of the intellect, once we have “learned how”.

It’s how you drive your car, how you do your job, how you are able to multitask at all.

This is also what a smoking trigger is… it’s a cause and effect type of mechanism that has been learned through repetition.

I see someone else light up… I light up too. I get on the phone…I light up. I get in the car…I light up. I have my morning coffee…I light up. etc.

This is why you may have seen someone else light up (or you yourself) only to discover that they already had another cigarette burning in the ashtray.

Cravings aren’t about nicotine addiction…they are about us consciously preventing an automatic reaction.

During the hypnosis session, I remove the smoking triggers… so you are no longer automatically prompted to light up.

Don’t get me wrong, HYPNOSIS WILL NOT QUIT SMOKING FOR YOU. It does not control free will.

However; if it is your desire to become a non-smoker, I will pave the way for you to achieve your goal.

I do a two session stop smoking intervention. I remove all of the identified triggers during the first session.

If you encounter a craving in between the first and second session… rather than go nuts… I tell you to go ahead and take a few drags… it is just a trigger that was not identified during the first session.

You will notice that during the rest of your day however; that you don’t even think about smoking.

I have you write down what triggered you to smoke and we remove the remaining triggers during the second session… and you are done.

No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, no hell to endure… you are a now a non-smoker… the death grip of tobacco has been removed from your life.

Oh… and by the way… this particular stop smoking intervention is now in use by over 800 hypnotists because of it’s effectiveness, and that number is still growing.

So the only thing stopping you from becoming a non-smoker now… is if you don’t want to.