Pain Relief

Relief from Pain without drugs

When talking about pain relief, it is important to understand that pain is not the enemy…pain has an important function; it is the signal that tells us something is wrong, it tells us to be careful of injured areas. In reality, pain is how the body expresses fear.

But; the pain signal that is provided… does not have to be uncomfortable.

Now, with pain relief via hypnosis, it is no longer necessary to put up with that uncomfortable pain signal.

There are several things we can do with hypnosis to reduce or even remove the suffering that you experience from pain, without any drugs to cloud your mind, to incapacitate you.

One of the hypnosis based pain techniques is to simply change the pain signal to something that is not uncomfortable.

That way, you still get the beneficial reminder to be careful that pain provides, yet the feeling is not uncomfortable for you to experience. Think about how something as simple as that could change your life. No uncomfortable aching, or throbbing, or stabbing sensations to deal with.

You become armed with techniques that enable you to overcome the discomfort obstacles that would normally drag you down or handicap you.

It is becoming more and more common place for dental clients to use hypnosis for pain management.

Hypno-birthing; where the only anesthetic used is hypnosis has been very successful.

With hypnosis, people have known that we can change how you emotionally feel, and you can keep the change. Now people are realizing that this includes physical sensations as well… such as the suffering associated with pain.

Pain relief with hypnosis is becoming more widespread with people who suffer from fibromyalgia, joint dislocations, nerve issues, and cancer related suffering.

So why continue to suffer needlessly, please give us a call and let us help you end the suffering. Let us help you regain control of your life so it is not dominated by discomfort.

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