Basic Hypnosis Training

Interested in learning how to hypnotize others?

This two day training is very comprehensive and teaches you all about what hypnosis is, what trance is, and how the mind works in association with them.

It will teach you to be able to hypnotize others quickly and easily.

My training philosophy is to provide you with a level of understanding about hypnosis that enables you to utilize it in just about any situation, by using an effective induction of your own creation because you understand how and why it works…not just because you tried to read someone elses induction off a piece of paper.

Minimum class size is 6 people, to ensure that there is enough diversity of practice partners

After completion of the class you may want to join our hypnosis practice partners group to hone your skills.

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Basic Hypnosis Class – $250

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Basic Hypnosis Training Class

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