Before entering into the world of hypnosis, John spent a successful career as a quality engineer and a systems analyst.

John Cleesattel received his training at the Hypnosis Institute of Texas by Dr. Michael Stower, DCH.

John is certified and is registered through the International Hypnosis Certification Board.

Because so little was actually known about the hypnosis/trance phenomenon, John utilized his training, knowledge, and experience as a systems analyst to conduct research to determine the actual how and why of hypnosis, trance, and how the mind works in association with them.

From the results of the research he published two books on the subject. “The Nature of Trance”, and “Hypnosis Mechanica”, and using what he learned, has developed several innovative and extremely effective techniques. His stop smoking intervention is so effective that it was purchased and is in use by over 800 hypnotists.

John’s very permissive and client interactive style of hypnosis does not even require the client to close their eyes, unless they want to. The client remains totally aware throughout the entire hypnosis session.

Although his passion is removing fears and anxiety, John is very well versed and effective in all of the different types of interventions he does.