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Hi, I’m John Cleesattel of Hypnosis Sedalia.  I will be your Hypnotist.

When you come see me; I will help you Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, End Chronic Pain, Stop Irrational Fears, and Lose Emotional Baggage… as well as many other issues you may have.

…and the changes will happen RIGHT THEN.


Think about how badly you want to stop smoking…

You are tired of the continual expense, tired of the stink on your clothes and in your car, tired of the hacking and coughing, tired of the hurt in your lungs, tired of being banished to the outside to smoke while those inside see you and smirk… some remembering when that was them out there and being glad it isn’t them anymore.

Two Sessions is all it takes to make it a part of your past.

The first session we make you a non-smoker… I remove the things that make you smoke… the craving triggers

Then you have 3 days to test drive the result… and make sure you have no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

If you find you do still have some… I tell you not to go nuts on someone… but to go ahead and smoke… Just write down what you were doing when the craving hit and we’ll will remove the craving during the second session.

Then you are done.

If you have nothing that triggers your smoking behavior… You literally forget to smoke.


Think about how badly you want to lose weight…

Your clothes don’t fit anymore… you lose 5 pounds only to gain back 10… your on again off again diet just isn’t working for you… and you are tired of being the fattest one in the room.

You’ve tried just about everything… and nothing seems to make any difference.

Two sessions will turn that all around.

When you come to see me; we find out what the weight gain behavior is… and we fix that.

We find out what has been preventing your weight loss… and we fix that.

We find out if there are any foods that you crave (sweets, carbs, etc) …and we fix that.

We find out why your diet has been failing you… and we fix that.

We motivate you to get the increase in exercise that you need to up your metabolism which is usually just walking for 20-30 minutes a day, so you actually look forward to it.

We incorporate all of the necessary changes… and then you go test drive it for a week or two (or whatever makes sense) to make sure it is actually working the way it should … AND THE POUNDS ARE COMING OFF!

Then you come back for your second session… we tune or tweak as necessary… and you continue to lose weight until you are back at a healthy balanced weight.

When you come to me for help… I MAKE SURE you get the improvements you came for.


I am a Master Hypnotist who has clarified the processes of hypnosis and found specific methods for utilizing them for maximum effect.

Through my books and training classes, I teach and mentor Hypnotists from all over the world on how to perfect their craft so that they can help people and get the same level of results that I get.

This means that you can achieve amazing results in your life such as losing weight, overcoming irrational fears, releasing chronic pain, and stop smoking easily because of my extensive hypnosis experience and knowledge.

If you are looking for real-life results, why not utilize a world class resource?

I do not do counseling or psychotherapy… hypnosis is my only business.

My hypnosis style is unique to the industry; I tell you what I am going to do, what you can expect to experience, and get your permission first, before I do it, each step of the way.

No surprises… no verbal clutter.

The sessions are interactive… during the session you are awake, alert, and aware the entire time (no zombies)… and whether  your eyes are open or closed is up to you… AND you will remember the entire session. Everything.

I am located in Sedalia, Missouri, and am available by appointment to help you make the changes you want in your life.

Hours of operation: By appointment only… Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm. That said; I realize that people have jobs or other time constraints… need an after hours or weekend appointment? Let me know. I know the boss, and being a nice guy he is usually willing to conform session hours to help meet the needs of the client.

If you have any questions, please contact me at sedaliahypnosis@gmail.com

Our Primary Services:



This path will take you to find out about how to relieve your anxiety. Visualize what that will be like for a moment, to not have that apprehensive feeling anymore, to not have that apprehensive feeling crowding every other feeling out of you. You would then be able to enjoy your life once again, to be happy and confident in your capabilities. Feeling empowered and in control, rather than as a bundle of nerves that is just marking time until the next unexpected panic attack strikes. Think about how your life will improve, how much better it will be, once this irrational apprehension you are trying to be rid of is finally gone.

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This is the path to find out about releasing you from your fears. Think for a moment, what it will be like to not have that fearful feeling again. To not have the fear of the fearful feeling either. To be able to enjoy your life in an empowered manner, rather than as a fearful victim of things that are in reality very insignificant to most other people. How much will your life change, how much better will it be; once this thing you are fearful of, this thing you have been avoiding like the plague, becomes just an unimportant piece of what goes on around you, instead of being one of the central focus points in your life.

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Pain Management

Pain Relief

This is the path that will take you to find out how to get relief from your pain.

How will your life be different when it is without the level of pain that you now suffer with? This is very achievable without drugs. Medicines mask the suffering from pain but some medicines also mask your ability to engage in life itself. What if you could be taught how to reduce or remove your own pain? To be in control of how you feel and the in control of amount of suffering the pain signal has with it. This is the path to that future for you.

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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

This path will take you to find out about how to stop smoking.

Imagine what will your life will be like without the bane of cigarettes clouding it up.

Finally, there is an effective stop smoking method that’s easy, and that makes sense.

Imagine being able to stop smoking because you literally forget to smoke.

Not amnesia mind you, but simply having all of the smoking triggers removed so that you are not reminded to smoke, and with no cravings or withdrawal symptoms either.

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Additional Services:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • IBS symptom relief
  • Nail Biting
  • Irrational Apprehension
  • Emotional Baggage
  • Panic Attacks
  • Past Relationships
  • Fears
  • Stress Relief
  • Fibromyalgia symptom relief

Hypnosis Is Not Magic, But It’s Very Close!: